Trip to Volcano - Medicinal Waters in Costa Rica

Finally, at 4 p.m. we arrived at the volcano viewing area, where we were given bracelets to wear on our wrists; I was told that these bracelets serve for identification purposes,in case the volcano explodes. I was actually told more than that, a terrifying story, about how 100 people died years ago when the volcano exploded while they were visiting the area.

We were also given a towel, and after we changed into our swimming suits, we dived into the thermal spring waters that are naturally created on the foot of the volcano.

The setting was breathtaking; water falling like falls and getting hotter the closer it was to the volcano, while the nature around and the thick steam created from the hot water gave us all the feeling of being in a dreamy land. I thought to myself that maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to get in the water, given my serious accident of breaking my leg years ago.

To my amusement though, as I was coming out of the water, everything else was aching but my leg was feeling better than ever!

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