Roger Sprague

In this video clip Roger Sprague is giving a speech about his relationship with Spyros Peter Goudas on the occasion of the celebration of thirty (30 years in Canada in 1997) film and why his hair turned grey.

Actually, over the years, it has been proven by quite a few men that dealing with Spyros Peter Goudas causes the hair to turn grey.  Mother Nature has nothing to do with that.

Spyros Peter is very demanding, specific and a perfectionist where his products are concerned. 

 He believes in his products and expects the best because that is what his customers deserves.

SPRAGUE, Roger Edward - Passed away at Belleville General Hospital on Friday, December 17, 2010 in his 76th year. Beloved husband of Dana. Father of Roger (Paige), Rick (Jane), Daniel (Lisa). Grandfather of Jay, Michael, David, Keenan, Katharine, William, Samuel and Max. Brother of Eleanor McGachie , Betty - Ellen Edeson (Mardy) and Grant Sprague.




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