Trip to Volcano - Plane Shots in Costa Rica

The plane flies higher and higher in the sky, and I look down, where Costa Rica is now becoming smaller and smaller in my eyes. With a melancholic smile, I look at that small place down there, as Central America is taking its shape in front of my eyes, and see how it now has become a small dot in the map of the world as I told them in my speech.

Sofia Papadimitri: He seems more concerned about working on something he’s had in mind since his return from Costa Rica, two days ago. No surprises here! Mr. Goudas can’t stop working even when he is sick in bed!  ‘Are you in front of the computer Sofia?’ He asks eagerly. ‘Of course Mr. Goudas, where else would I be on a working day?’ ‘Mr. Goudas, what will it be, another business-related letter?’ I ask while at the same time preparing to take notes. ‘No Sofia. Today I want to tell you all about the wonderful time I had in Costa Rica, how I loved the country, how I met so many amazing people, and how important this trip came out to be not only for Goudas Foods but also for me personally. It was a great experience, and I want to put it down on paper right away!’


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