Caribana 1975

 When Mr.Goudas thought he had managed to capture the essence of the parade, he called all the people who participated in some of the various bands to the club to see it. They were unanimous in their agreement that it was the best two hour film they had seen portraying the Caribana parade.

 Mr Goudas said that this allowed the people to see that this parade was not made up of a bunch of idiots dressed up in costumes and jumping up and down all over the place, but the work of some very skilled and talented people, bringing to Canada a culture that has prevailed for many, many years.

Mr. Goudas understood this, and he wanted to show the world what was involved in this celebration. Thats why he wrote a book with the title one caribana story.

The two hour film was cut down  to seven minutes so can be able to view on  You Tube

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